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Dismantling, recovery and guaranteed destruction

Christie & Son provides its corporate clients with a wide range of recovery services to ensure the safe, speedy and environmentally responsible recovery of scrap metal, redundant machinery and obsolete parts.


Our services not only cover the removal of redundant plant and equipment, Christie & Sons also regularly undertake the dismantling of machinery, fixtures and other plant from client premises.

Plant is either dismantled or cut using both mechanical and thermal cutting devices. It can then be simply removed using our fleet of specialised vehicles for transport back to Renfrew where it is reprocessed in full accordance with SEPA regulations.

We operate a fleet of skips and recovery vehicles for the effective and timely recovery of metal scrap from premises across Scotland. Scrap metal can be collected at your convenience, and because we operate our own processing facility and export dock, you can expect to receive the best possible price for both ferrous and non-ferrous material.

Guaranteed Destruction
We have considerable experience in the guaranteed destruction of obsolete parts. Having worked in the past for the Ministry of Defence, the aerospace and automotive industries we are keenly aware of the sensitivity of this process and have all the appropriate systems in place to ensure the safe and certificated destruction of metallic parts. All disposals are recorded and certificated to ensure your disposal records are always up to date and officially documented.

SEPA Packaging Notes
Through our dedication to quality standards, environmentally friendly processes and the various accredited achievements recognised and approved by Lloyds, we are authorised, by SEPA to issue steel and aluminium packaging recovery notes.